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Thursday, June 14th, 2012
2:59 am - Top 10 Anime of All Time (in no particular order after the top 3)
1. Dagger of Kamui
2. Akira
3. Urusei Yatsura (TV series)
4. Gundam 0080: War In The Pocket (OAV)
5. Z Gundam (TV series)
6. Gundam 0083: Stardust Memory (OAV)
7. Mobile Suit Gundam (TV Series)
8. Record of Lodoss War (OAV)
9. Nausicaa of The Valley of The Wind
10. Royal Space Force - Wings of Honneamise

11. Bubblegum Crisis (OAV)
12. Fist of the North Star (movie)
13. Megazone 23
14. Megazone 23 Part 2
15. Macross - Do You Remember Love?
16. Project A-Ko
17. Cowboy Bebop
18. Demon City Shinjuku
19. Beast City
20. Black Magic M66
21. Gundam: Char's Counterattack
22. Laputa
23. Princess Mononoke
24. Spirited Away
25. Daicon IV
26. Ghost In The Shell
27. Ranma 1/2

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Friday, June 8th, 2012
11:41 am - The Prometheus Puzzle... solved.
It's a puzzle. Here's the answer...
On another Earth planet, billions of years ago, humans discover the secret of the Force, a power that favors those who are intelligent enough to understand the true nature of existence. A battle breaks out among these people for control of this Force, the battle for ultimate control of the Universe. Ultimately, the battle results in the extermination of the entire species, save one person. This person kills everyone in the Universe, in order to be the last man standing... God. Then he realizes that he is God of nothing, and clones himself in order to repopulate the Universe. This man is a homosexual, as he eliminated the female sex completely, but he desires different looking males to satisfy his desire for variety in his sexual conquests. So, he decides to start Existence over again, in order to be able to breed new, beautiful looking sex partners. Once awakened from his slumber, this Last Man detects that David is an android and kills him. Weyland is too old and undesirable as a sex partner, so he too is killed. The non attractive woman is killed, but Shaw is spared, as she will provide the Last Man with beautiful baby boys to turn into sex slaves. The movie is a cautionary tale. Warning people not to let one person have control over the Universe, because he will surely become a homosexual that kills everyone in Existence in order to attain ultimate power.

I call this scenario the "Loki and Thor Conundrum." Loki and Thor, in a theoretical scenario, quest for ultimate power. Loki is able to turn himself into a woman, so he tricks Thor into killing everyone in the Universe in order to be the new All Father. After Thor kills everyone, Loki reveals himself and either a) Thor kills Loki and starts existence over in order to create women to have sex with, or b) Loki, who is homosexual in this example, kills Thor, then realizes how stupid he was and starts existence over in order to create men to have sex with (as slaves). The moral of the tale is that men are fools, but this scenario is no longer applicable because someone won the secret God Contest who's heterosexual and not an idiot, like Thor. I'm writing books. They'll be out in a year or so.

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Wednesday, June 6th, 2012
12:22 pm - Chapter Three of "Treats." ...The Matrix.
The Matrix
The first weird thing we see in the Matrix is Trinity putting her hand up to stop the truck when she’s in the phone booth. A last second attempt to stop the oncoming truck with a power that she does not possess. It almost looks like she’s playing pretend.
Then we’re introduced to Thomas Anderson, or “Neo.” Tom lives alone in an apartment by himself. He is very attractive. So much so, that he looks like the main character in whatever social scene he’s in. He’s a techno junkie. He has a lot of gear. Gear that Trinity hacks into with her ability to manipulate reality in such ways. She’s not just hacking into his computer, she’s hacking into his dream current. More on this in a bit. Then Tom’s friends show up. However, these are not really his friends. One of them, Troy, is a client of his, who pays him a lot of money for whatever is on the MiniDisc Tom sells him. Tom keeps the chain on the door because… a) He does not know Troy all that well, and… b) Troy is two hours late and did not call Tom to inform him that he would be late, or with an explanation as to why he’s late. Troy could be with people who might try to rob Tom or hurt him. When Tom opens his door, we see that he lives in apartment 101. This implies that Tom is a entry level being. He knows nothing of the world that is not projected at him by the Fallacy of a Finite Existence. He is an Atheist. He is about to begin his Actuality schooling. Troy and pals are obviously in league with Trinity. Du Jour sports the white rabbit tattoo, referred to in Trinity’s message, that gets Tom to go out to the club where Trinity is waiting for him. Trinity is Tom’s continuity itinerary organizer. Tom is living in a reality that has been largely orchestrated by her. “Trinity” being a veiled reference to the Catholic concept of God. God has been protecting Tom from the world of psychic vampires and other assorted dangers, in order for him to get to a point where he can fix the Universe. But Trinity is just the God of Tom’s microcosm universe. She has most likely been keeping tabs on him for a number of years… under orders from Morpheus. But for how long? More on this in a bit.
Tom is not at the club to have a good time. He has been trying to figure out the Universe for some time now and his presence at the club is a part of his personal agenda. It is his mission. His investigations have led him to Morpheus and his crew, who are waging a war against something called The Matrix. Something that Tom doesn’t really understand, but most likely feels is the control of information and the network of people who do said controlling. At the club, Tom just waits… for something. Trinity shows up and she just looks like the person that he should be talking to. She looks like a main character. They naturally gravitate towards one another. She calls him Neo, but it’s not really his name, it’s his handle. Perhaps Trinity has been lurking in the same IRC channels as Tom. Trinity gets right up into Tom’s personal space and talks right into his ear. A very intimate action. Tom lets her do this, because she is attractive enough to do such things and she knows it. She is also confident and non-threatening. Usually people do not do such things, but when a girl knows that a guy is into her, she can get away with doing things that most people cannot get away with doing. She is gambling in a way. She is betting that Tom finds her attractive and that he won’t reel away from her, like she was some weido club chick. He actually seems to get ready for a kiss when she moves in, then realizes she’s just going to talk into his ear for secrecy (supposedly) and looks a bit flustered. She is messing with him a bit here. Showing off her ability to just do whatever. Then she splits. Hard to get.
The next day, Tom is late for work and his boss dresses him down a bit. His boss isn’t understanding or cool about Tom’s being late. He tells Tom that he has a problem with authority, and he does. Tom is doing something, outside of work, that is more important than anything else in existence. He is the epicenter of the spearhead of the progress of the evolution of the potential of existence. He has no boss. But he needs to pay the rent, so he works for Metacortex and plays the worker bee role. It doesn’t bother Tom that his boss is talking down to him, because to Tom work is like playing a video game. It’s not the real world. His work environment is pristine, not personalized in any way. A stark contrast from his apartment, which has a dense, lived in feel to it. Keeping his work area devoid of any evidence of his character helps Tom disassociate his work life from his actual life.
While Tom is at his desk, he appears to be doing nothing. His monitor is off, he’s just sitting there. It was obviously not important that Tom be at work on time, as he can just veg in front of a blank screen for an indeterminate amount of time.
After Tom gets taken into custody by the agents, he experiences some very strange things. His mouth disappears completely and a mechanical crustacean slips into his belly button. Afterwards, Tom wakes up in his bed, as if the entire experience at the police station was a dream. However, if Tom retraced the chronology of events leading up to his waking up in bed, he would find that the experience was actually a part of his waking existence continuity. This indicates that Tom is actually existing in the Dream World. His reality is a recreation of existence and it can be manipulated by the team of people running the simulation. Morpheus is one of these people. More on this in a bit.
When Tom is in the car with Trinity, Switch, and Apoch… Trinity tells Tom that he has been down the street they are on before. What she actually means is that Tom has done everything there is to do in the Fallacy of a Finite Existence. The configuration of existence that he was living in is flawed. It is incomplete and does not add up to anything that ultimately works. Tom lives in a world that mostly believes in Heaven. However, Tom knows, because he has thought about it for more than five minutes, that Heaven doesn’t pan out into anything that can actually work. He also knows that God, or Jesus, or anything or the sort does not exist. If there was a God, it would make itself known and it would or it would have some sort of influence over the Universe. A motivating hand. Tom detects no such hand. He sees a system of existence where people are born, they grow old, have children, then die. They do not come back. There is no perceivable working system of reincarnation, as there are multiple religions, all of which are fighting to be the one true religion, and a thing like reincarnation requires a standardized system in order to operate. As an Athiest, Tom most likely believes that without a brain, there is no means of processing information or existing, and that when people die, they are just gone forever. He is wrong, however, and he will figure this out in a bit. So, if Tom leaves the car, he will just be going back to the stalemate. He would just keep working to pay the rent, hooking up with random chicks (because marriage is a trap), and getting nowhere with the puzzle that he is trying to solve. Everyone else in his world acts as if they are completely sold on the Heaven scenario. He cannot live in such a world, and so he stays in the car with Trinity.
When Tom meets Morpheus, Morpheus comes off as a con artist. He jocks Tom’s shit a little too hard. He calls Tom “The One,” even though Tom does not understand anything, it seems. Morpheus has a rap. He presents himself as a “beyond person.” He dresses like some techno vampire and speaks in a similar fashion. It appears as if he has rehearsed his presentation.

The Pills
The pills that Morpheus presents Tom are symbolic. Taking the red pill equals Tom giving up his quest for an answer and putting his life, essentially, into Morpheus’ hands. The pills could contain any number of things, THC, LSD, cyanide, or even Morpheus’ semen. The semen is a part of a circle of belief that is a bit childish. There are some who believe(d) that if one were to swallow another person’s semen, the person swallowing the semen would become a slave to the person who is supplying the semen. Usually, the act of either being tricked or forced into swallowing someone elses semen casts a person below the person delivering the semen, in the power game. Some girls feel that if they swallow a guy’s come, they become connected to the person in a way, and are able to sense certain things about them. So, when Tom swallows the red pill, it could very well contain Morpheus’ semen, which would allow Morpheus to have so much control over Tom, that he is able to manipulate his Dream World simulation reality however he sees fit. Less nefarious contents of the red pill could be THC or LSD, which would distort Tom’s mind, or Dream World signal, to a point where Morpheus can use his powers to derail Tom from the default setting and take him on an adventure that will ultimately lead to his demise. The cyanide would kill Tom, sending him into a recreation of existence, in the exact position he died in, that Morpheus has created in the Dream World. One that Morpheus can exist in and manipulate with nigh omnipotence. Another way of looking at it, is that Tom is already dead at the beginning of the movie. A victim of sensory overload, perhaps. Tom’s death is rendered null as he is seamlessly spliced into a recreation of existence in the Dream World. This would explain how Trinity is able to orchestrate the whole computer takeover bit and the control over Tom’s pseudo friends (if she didn’t know them already), as well as how the Agents were able to make his mouth disappear, and the deal with the crustacean “bug.” After taking the pill, Tom and Morpheus move into another part of the apartment where there is a bunch of equipment. All of the equipment is just set dressing. Morpheus and his team don’t need any of it, as they are just using their mind powers to create all of things Tom will experience and perceive from now on.
Morpheus and his crew are like gods compared to Tom. They can create Dream World environments, they can create people, whatever. But Tom is messing up their game. He’s figuring out too much stuff. Stuff that Morpheus and his crew haven’t figured out yet, even though they are far more advanced in many ways. He’s also too good looking and too cool, and Morpheus does not like being second banana, so Tom has to go down. The whole song and dance about the machines is just a red herring, designed to throw Tom off the scent of the real Matrix, the Fallacy of a Finite Existence and the conspiracy to perpetuate said fallacy. More on this in a bit.
Tom, like Luke Skywalker, is told that existence is something that it isn’t. But within that world of bullshit, he is still able to do things that no one else can do. Tom is the new kid on the block and the entire real world/Matrix scenario is constructed by Morpheus in order to sweep Tom under the rug. Morpheus and his crew are threatened by Tom and his potential. They don’t want to have to split up the pie with some new hot shot. But Trinity is actually into him and feels that, with Tom, she can eclipse Morpheus as the master of the Dream World.
When Tom is killed at the end of the first movie, he comes right back to life. This occurs because there is no afterlife for him. Morpheus has configured the Dream World in a way where there is no future for Tom. He is trying to delete Tom from existence forever. Of course, this is impossible. Morpheus comes up with this elaborate rouse to get Tom to think that he is the One, so that he will face off against the Agents and be killed, leaving Morpheus the ultimate alpha male of the Universe. However, Tom turns out to actually be the One, the master motivator of existence… it’s last hope to continue in the face of Dream World assholes whose lust for power and control has lead to a monopolization of the Dream World, causing a cultural and creative entropy. After Morpheus runs out of ideas and existence succumbs completely to this cultural and creative entropy, everything resets to the last known good configuration… Tom being The One. So, Tom, being the only person that can actually progress existence forward, is resurrected, right at the exact point where he died and continues to motivate existence forward from that point, right where he left off. He is doing the work that is fixing the Universe. His afterlife is just a recreation of existence and he is spawned into it at the exact moment he died, giving off the illusion that he just came back to life. Then the previous continuity that he died in is scrapped and existence continues forward with Tom being some invincible character who’s able to do ridiculously impossible shit.
In the second film, Tom’s powers are reduced considerably from what they are at the end of the first film. He can’t jump into people and make them explode or fight Agents one handed. The excuse given by the filmmakers… “Upgrades.” However, he is still invincible and the master motivator of existence. This is recognized by quite a few people in Zion and they revere him as a deity. The old guard does not give up their power struggle so easily, though. The Oracle changes her game up a bit, still playing the role of the sage elder, but now she’s trying to write Tom out of existence. She works with Morpheus and The Architect to come up with a Plan B that changes the meaning of what “The One” is supposed to be.
“The One” means different things to different people… The Oracle… Morpheus… Tank… The term is vague enough for everyone to attach their own personal beliefs to what it is supposed to mean. The One to what? Make a deal with the machines to reset civilization? What is the purpose of this action? To perpetuate an cycle of ignorance that breeds hope for a victory that will never occur. In the first film, “The One” is loosely defined as being the person who will change everything forever… end the war between the humans and the machines, bringing about a perpetual state of peace and harmony. Morpheus and The Oracle seemed to have cooked this concept up in order to con Tom (and others like him) into facing off against The Agents and getting killed, thus being removed from the playing field. But when Tom actually turns out to be this thing that was only meant to be a means of making people lose, Morpheus and all of the other heavy hitters who were trying to take Tom out of the picture, have to alter their game. So, The Oracle comes up with some bullshit about how the purpose of The One is to sacrifice himself so that Zion can be saved. The new plan is to guilt Tom into sacrificing his life to save humanity. The Architect backs up The Oracle’s plan and tries to bullshit Tom into laying down and dying, but Tom sees right through The Architect’s lies and chooses to save Trinity instead of “doing the right thing.” Tank is most likely killed by Morpheus, since his idea of what The One was supposed to be did not include an eventual suicide. Trinity seems to be playing both sides… loyal to Morpheus, but also siding with Tom, as he does seem to be the real deal. Morpheus probably kills Tank in his sleep, blaming complications from his injuries.
At the end of the second film, while running from the Sentinels, after having evacuated the Nebuchadnezzar, Tom realizes a number of things. He realizes that The Real World operates in a similar fashion to The Matrix… that human existence is all there is, that he genuinely is what is keeping it all going, that there is no higher power than that of the person who understands how everything works and what is needed for it all to continue forward forever. What Tom figured out in the hallway, after getting killed, is known by the Sentinels. If he is killed, it would all just keep going, until the sun goes super nova, destroying all of existence, then everything would start over again and just get to the exact point where Tom was killed again. Tom is the only thing that is keeping the Universe from succumbing to entropy. It is as if the continuity of existence that does not include Tom being invincible has all already played itself out countless times, and his continuity as The One, or God, is the only one that is destined to continue perpetually forever. So, the Sentinels are unable to kill him, because The Real World is also a Matrix world of sorts, governed by the Spirit World, and the Spirit World knows that Tom is the only thing that is stopping the entropy of eternal reoccurance. Tom uses his terminal to convey his importance to the Spirit World, or The Infinite, which is able to manipulate The Real World in a similar (but much different) way Tom is able to manipulate The Matrix, and the Sentinels are fried on the spot, preventing an eternally looping dead end existence. So, Tom uses the Force to manipulate and distort the laws of the Matrix, then realizes that the same mechanics of said manipulation and distortion allow him to communicate with the Force in The Real World, which allows him to use a sort of controlled luck to shuffle and cut infinite mirror worlds in order to create a continuity where all of the pursuing Sentinels’ warranties expired right before coming within killing range.
The Matrix is supposed to just be a representation of a previous era of existence, but it is actually a perfect duplicate of existence. The machines figured out how to create existence. The Matrix is what is real to Tom. On his first trip to see The Oracle, Tom sees a noodle place that he used to go to before joining Morpheus and his crew, and it pains him to think of it as being nothing more than an illusion. The Matrix is actually real, though. Tom has just been fooled into thinking that it isn’t by Morpheus’s bullshit and control over the Dream World. Tom is already existing in a simulation Universe when we are first introduced to him. He is already dead, in a way, at the point of his being contacted by Trinity, and existence has gone into a sort of contest mode. Morpheus is writing existence from that point on, up until Tom dies at the end of the third film. This “ultimate” end does not pan out, however, as Tom is the only person that can carry existence forward. If there is ever a fourth movie, it would have to begin with Tom waking up at his desk, at the exact moment Trinity contacted him. He would retain a full memory of the events that had just transpired, but Morpheus and his crew would not have the level of control or abilities that they once had. Tom would understand that the whole Matrix storyline was just some fantasy garbage, and his new mission in life would be to figure out how to create a working system of reincarnation, turn the Dream World into an MMORPG type networking system (this requires that a hub that interconnects all Dream World environments be created and all religions be dissolved into a standardized system, ruled by Tom), and also cease the aging process (if such a thing is desired). Tom would most likely stay away from Trinity and Morpheus, as they are just a couple of psychic vampires who tried to fuck him out of his rightful continuity as savior (and master) of the Universe.

The Agents
The system that people are hardwired to is a metaphor for the pre-existing systems of deity worship… a belief in a template character as being God. Believing in a template character as one’s ultimate controller of one’s fate is a crucial flaw in a person’s terminal security. The easiest example is Christianity. Christianity centers around a belief that Jesus Christ, or Yeshua Ben Yosef (as they are calling him these days) is God. This character is easily impersonated by countless spiritworld criminals, enabling them to crash one’s terminal and do with them what they will. People who believe in Christ, or Jehova, or Buddha, or whoever, are all susceptible to these invasions. Jehova, Christ, and Buddha (as well as all other deities), are all characters that have a template that one needs to adhere to in order to assume said characters… much like how Ronald McDonald is a character that is assumed by donning a costume, wig, and make-up, and acting in a jovial manner. There’s a bit more to it (a loaded audience of vouchers, etc) but a team of criminals can easily pass themselves off as Jesus, or whoever people believe the God of their religion is, and possess any member of any religion and operate as that person, either casting the person into a dream state and puppeting their unconscious bodies around, or by forcing them to act according to their wishes by utilizing zombie, or slave, conditioning techniques. This technology was the basis for the Project Monarch mind control program (which is now defunct). So, Tom is already “unplugged” before Trinity finds him, as he is obviously an Atheist.

The Merovingian
The Merovingian is a template character that represents a person that has their shit together… seemingly. The Merovingian types seem to be nigh omnipotent beings, however, they are just advanced slaves. The Merovingian runs off of borrowed power. He has made deals with all of the major religions to do their bidding in exchange for the illusion of power. Like some sort of poster boy for indentured servitude. Most likely, in every scene The Merovingian is not in, he is shoveling shit in Hell.

Instant Killer
When Tom goes back into the Matrix to save Morpheus, he suddenly becomes a super cool, stone faced killer. This change can be detected as soon as Tom says, “Guns… lots of guns.” Tom goes from wide-eyed observer, who misses his favorite noodle stand, to a seasoned war-time commando. When he starts killing the security guards in the building Morpheus is being held in, it is as if he has been killing people for quite some time. He has either forgotten that these people are men trying to put food on the table for their families, merely thinking them to be video game bad guys, or he has downloaded the experience of Dirty Harry or Tequila from Hard-Boiled into his brain, in the same way that he “learned” kung-fu. The security guards could have been subdued with sleeping gas, or stun grenades and traquilizer darts. Only the SWAT officers needed to be shot at with bullets, as they are heavily armored with gas masks. A very sloppy operation.

The Oracle, The Architect, The Merovingian, Rama Kandra, his wife Kamala, and their daughter Sati (as well as Seraph and many other minor characters) are referred to as being “Programs.” However, they are actually people just like Tom, they’re just seasoned bullshit artists. The fact that they are very old implies that they are formerly alive people who have grown to be what they are over a multitude of years. They are all working to prevent Tom from becoming God.

Agent Smith's Deja Vu
Right before Agent Smith kills Tom at the end of the third movie, he experiences a bit of déjà vu. This occurs because this is a possible reset point where an eternally reoccurring loop would form. The scenario is one that has occurred already, countless times. Simulations have been run by people, it is a known dead end continuity scenario. Tom knows this (all the thinking he did) and let’s Agent Smith kill him, ending his continuity in Morpheus’ Dream World simulation tangent, which would send him back to his desk in his apartment, right before Trinity hacks his computer. Just like Flynn coming back into the real world after jumping into the MCP at the end of Tron.

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12:20 pm - Chapter Two of "Treats." Gregory Michael Bowers on... Akira.
Akira is very similar to Star Wars, in it’s adoption of the Dream World as reality theme. Most of the people in the movie think they exist in reality, when, in fact, they exist in some recreation of existence that exists within the imagination of Otomo Kastuhiro. No one knows this truth better than the three childlike espers, Takashi, Masaru, and Kiyoko. More on them in a bit.
The movie starts and we are introduced to Kaneda. He is decked out in red motorcycle leathers with a large pill graphic on the back of his jacket. He’s a pill popper. He’s also the hero of the movie, evident in his having the coolest clothes and the coolest motorcycle in the Universe. We see the motorcycle for the first time when we are introduced to Tetsuo. He’s sitting in it, geeking out over just how awesome it is. Tetsuo is second banana to Kaneda… in the gang they are in, and in the movie. The two are friends, but Kaneda is the alpha male and he knows it. He comes off as kind of a dick at first, emasculating Tetsuo for messing with his bike. But they actually are friends. They’ve known each other since childhood. Kaneda cares about Testuo a great deal. Tetsuo, however, has been harboring resentment towards Kaneda for an indeterminate amount of time. This resentment is what ultimately causes Tetsuo to snap later on, but we’ll get to that in a bit.

Whose Movie Is This?
The characters in Akira are all fighting over who’s movie existence is. It seems like it’s Akira’s movie. The movie is titled Akira, the first thing we see is Akira detonating himself, or his psi bomb. Then the movie is passed to Kaneda. His gang war is the most exciting thing going and the movie is his. Then Takashi takes over, with his compelling continuity as a top secret esper on the run. He has been mistaken for a mystery person named Akira and has been kidnapped by a member of a rebel organization. Takashi knows that he is existing in a dream world movie and is able to manipulate the dream to an extent. After his kidnapper is killed, Takashi freaks out and destroys a city block. Then he decides to check out something less gruesome, perhaps a bit more exciting, and cross dissolves into the middle of the biker gang war scene (to him it’s a cross dissolve, to use he fades out and fades back in). Tetsuo almost runs into him and Takashi uses his telekinetic powers to protect himself. After seeing this previously thought to be impossible act, Tetsuo realizes that he’s not existing in the magicless universe he thought he was living in, but a dream world that can be manipulated to an extent. He’s taken away by the government and studied, all while contemplating the nature of existence and what exactly is possible in this new understanding of things. After Testuo figures out enough stuff, he develops psychic and telekinetic abilities. The three espers are clocking him and give him a bit of a hazing, either because they are threatened by him and don’t want to share the control of the movie with him, or they’re just playing with him and seeing what he can do with his powers. Tetsuo doesn’t want to play, he wants to be number one. His resentment towards Kaneda, which gave him quite an inferiority complex, coupled with his newfound knowledge of things and the powers that come with it, sends Tetsuo on his quest to be number one… in the movie and in existence. However, something is standing in his way. Someone named Akira. This Akira fellow happens to be the current number one and until Tetsuo beats or surpasses him, he’s still second banana to someone. Meanwhile, Kaneda meets and falls for Kei, a member of the resistence group that arranged the kidnapping of Takashi, thought to be Akira. Kaneda and Kei sneak into the facility that’s holding Tetsuo and attempt to rescue him while also making another attempt to snatch this mysterious Akira person. Also in the movie is The Colonel. The Colonel is in the middle of a political power struggle that makes up the third story tangent in the movie. The Colonel runs the esper program and also controls most of the military. The executive council tries to maintain it’s power over the government, while a strong resistence movement and frequent rioting requires the military, led by The Colonel, to run the city under martial law. The executive council, who is threatened by The Colonel’s nigh omnipotent control of the military, tries to get The Colonel to resign, citing Takashi’s kidnapping as the grounds for his dismissal. But The Colonel is the only person with any power in the government that knows what’s actually going on in the Universe. He is fighting a war against ignorance and arrogance. Nezu is playing both sides, claiming to be sympathetic to The Colonel’s plight, while conspiring with the resistence to abduct Akira, or Tetsuo, making The Colonel look incompetent and thereby unfit to hold his position as head of the military. The Colonel’s war against the Fallacy of a Finite Existence gets a third of the movie energy.
Kaneda, Kei, Tetsuo, the espers, and the Colonel all converge in the espers’ play room and all hell breaks loose. While flying around and looking for Tetsuo on their stolen hover buggy, Kei gives Kaneda directions to the play room by way of a telepathic link with Kiyoko. Kei conceals her knowledge of this technology (as well as her ability to use it) from Kaneda and possibly her fellow resistence team members. When Kei sees Kiyoko, she seems to be surprised that Kiyoko exists in the Control World. She may have believed herself to be communicating with, and receiving guidance from, a deity that exists in the Dream World. Surprise. Kiyoko tells Tetsuo where Akira is and he takes off, then Kaneda and Kei are thrown in jail and The Colonel tends to his military coup. While in jail, Kiyoko, once again, creates a telepathic communication interface with Kei, and through her, communicates to Kaneda the nature of things. After they escape the prison, Kei cross dissolves away with Takashi and gets prepped for her showdown with Tetsuo.
All three continuities converge, once again, when Testuo and Kaneda face off against each other. Tetsuo does have some serious powers, and he looks a little bit cooler with his red cape, but Kaneda still has the coolest motorcycle in the Universe, plus the jacket, and now a sweet ass laser cannon. Not to be outdone, the Colonel steps into the ring with his mega powerful God laser in the sky, which he manages to disintergrate Tetsuo’s right arm with. But The Colonel’s toy is no match for Tetsuo. Tetsuo destroys the SOL “God” laser, with relative ease, forcing The Colonel to go in and fight Tetsuo face to face. When Tetsuo loses control of his powers and morphs into a giant flesh blob, we see that he is made up of a multitude of people parts. This is an indication of the nature of Tetsuo’s power. As in Star Wars, The Force that Tetsuo is using is connected to the spiritworld. His quest to become number one in the Universe is one shared by many in the spiritworld. Once he progresses beyond those people, they all pile into his energy signature in an attempt to attribute his actions to their own personal continuities, overwhelming him and making him lose his control of The Force and become one of the numerous spirits that crave to be number one, all battling each other for the mantle, all getting nowhere. Once Tetsuo turns into a giant blob of power crazed spirits that kills his girlfriend and engulfs Kaneda, threatening to kill him as well, the espers decide that the only way to clean up this mess is to resurrect their old buddy, Akira. Akira, who’s been dead for 23 years, is miracled back into existence by his old friends, assesses the scenario, then rules that in order for the movie to continue, and for existence to be something that isn’t totally ludicrous, Tetsuo, and most of Neo-Tokyo, needs to get nuked. He’s like a reset button. The espers decide that Kaneda and The Colonel are too important to the movie and existence to die in the Akira nuke, so Kiyoko jump cuts The Colonel into a tunnel, and Takashi goes into the nuke and rescues Kaneda. The nuke is actually more of a God veto. Like some deletion bubble. Once inside it, Kaneda goes on a tour through Tetsuo’s soul. Takashi pulls him out of the other side and dumps him back into the Control World, safe and sound. After everything is thoroughly deleted, the deletion bubble compresses into a tiny star which Kaneda catches in his hands, thanking Tetsuo afterwards for the conveyance of good times they had together… his way of showing Kaneda that he was a victim of circumstance and that he still cherished their time together as friends. The movie ends with a bunch of cosmic imagery, then we hear Tetsuo say, “I am Tetsuo.” This can either imply that Tetsuo has become a new universe, perhaps becoming the god of a new earth planet, or that we are all independent universes and that the movie you just watched was ultimately Tetsuo’s. “This was my life.”
The espers are a part of a government program. The are most likely told the secret of how they exist within a Dream Wolrd that is able to be manipulated to an extent and studied. Four children (out of about thirty) totally get it and develop an ability to “tilt the machine.” One child develops the power to destroy an entire city with a giant deletion bubble. For some reason, he uses this power and starts World War III. Why does Akira decides to nuke Tokyo? No reason is given. He probably got mad about the Fallacy of a Finite Existence and decided to teach society a lesson (once again, the Fallacy is on it’s way out).
When Tetsuo loses control of his powers, he turns into what looks a bit like a sweaty, shorn nut sac, undulating after having been blown on (for those of you that don’t know, when you blow on a pair of room temperature balls, they move around like Tetsuo in blob form). I feel that this is a tip of the hat to the mystical magical powers of semen. More on this later in the book.

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12:14 pm - This is the first chapter of my book of treatises entitled "Treats." ...on Star Wars.
Star Wars
As the movie opens, we are prepared to watch something that has already happened “a long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away…” However, the first thing we see is a space ship hurdling through space, being pursued by a larger space ship. This instantly presents the viewer with the concept that we are existing in some fallacy world, thinking that vehicles that can travel through space were just recently invented, when, in fact, far more elaborate space ships already existed in the past. Perhaps, the advanced beings who built these space ships were wiped out by a cataclysmic super nova and existence was reset. The concept of eternal reoccurrence is hinted at here. Not a pleasant concept to think about. Fortunately, it’s rubbish. More on this later in the book.

The Set Up
After the setting is established, we are introduced to C3PO and R2-D2, two robots (or “droids”) that are on the space ship being pursued by the larger space ship. Unlike modern day robots, “3PO” and “R2” appear to have souls. C3PO has a bipedal humanoid physique and speaks English, R2-D2 looks like an electronic trash can/mailbox and communicates with various non-verbal noises. The space ship they are on (which, in addition to 3PO and R2, is carrying an all White crew, it seems) is captured by the larger ship and boarded by Stormtroopers. The Stormtroopers, who all appear to be male, all wear white armor, with helmets that conceal their identity and ethnicity. Everyone is of equal importance (or unimportance) to one another. This also prevents the soldiers from having any sort of attachment to one another. If two soldiers are friends, and one sees the other in danger, the soldier not in danger might risk his life to save his friend. However, if only one soldier is lost to the danger, no unnecessary risks are taken, the unit stays strong. The white color of their armor indicates that they are clean and efficient to a ridiculous degree. The white armor stands out in just about any environment, you can see them coming a mile away. But that is the point. They do not need to camouflage themselves, because they are the dominant force of the Galaxy. They are innumerable and heavily armed. They make quick work of the smaller ship’s security forces, paving the way for Darth Vader.
Darth Vader appears to be the man in charge of this siege. He is well over six feet tall and is decked out all in black armor. He too wears a helmet (also all black) which conceals his identity and ethnicity. An anonymous army led by an anonymous commander. Darth Vader’s helmet looks like a Japanese samurai helmet and his chest plate is reminiscent of a Jewish high priest’s breastplate, or “Hoshen.” More on this in a bit.
3PO loses R2, at some point, and finds him (or her) with Princess Leia. Princess Leia has her hair styled very much in the same way Princess Sophy "Sofka" Dolgorouky, a Russian princess born in the early 20th century, had her hair styled in several famous photographs. More on this later.
The droids escape with the Death Star plans, are found by the jawas, then are taken to Uncle Owen and Aunt Beru’s indoor hydroponic marijuana growing facility, and are then sold as slaves. During the slave selling scene, we are introduced to Luke Skywalker. He is the hero of the movie and of reality itself, in this fictional Universe. He’s white, blonde, and good looking. He’s also a loser. In a deleted scene, he is called “Wormie” by his peers. He’s not really a loser, though, he’s more of a geek… kind of a dork. But he is whiney… and a bit immature.
The droids (3PO and R2) seem to have souls, but in actuality, they do not. They are programmed things, designed to mimic human personalities. 3PO’s “mind” is actually an elaborate database of questions and responses. 3PO is given a question, or scenario, his problem solving program accesses a database of questions and scenarios, finding the matching query to the one asked of him, or scenario presented to him at any given moment. His programmer has provided him with a list of answers or actions, appropriate for whatever question he is asked, or scenario he is presented with, and 3PO’s problem solving program finds the best possible answer or solution for the given question or scenario, and instructs the physical mechanim to execute whatever behavior his programmer has programmed him to perform. For instance, when Uncle Owen is talking to 3PO, he asks 3PO if he is programmed for protocol and etiquette. Then 3PO launches into his “self sale” program. When Uncle Owen tells 3PO that he has no need for a protocol droid and begins to move on to the next droid, 3PO, who is designed to sell himself (the more units sold, the better) is programmed to utilize a salesman’s psychological trick to get Uncle Owen to loosen up. 3PO starts a conversation with Uncle Owen, reaffirming his assessment of not needing a protocol droid, and Uncle Owen forgets that he’s talking to a computer and elaborates upon his needs. 3PO’s self sale program has succeeded in maintaining the customer’s interest. When 3PO receives the information that Uncle Owen needs something that understands the binary language of moisture vaporators, 3PO’s self sell program recognizes that this bit of information corresponds to a function that he can perform and commands the communication unit to inform Uncle Owen of this. This back and forth exchange of information leads to Uncle Owen purchasing 3PO and the rest is history. While the human mind operates in a similar way, 3PO is merely a soulless machine, designed to mimic a human being. A thing designed to perform specific functions and make itself useful whenever possible. It is also programmed to sell itself.

Luke is clearly the hero of the story. When we are first introduced to him, he is an immature, whiney, mama’s boy. He is shown playing with a toy and complains about his life to soulless robots. It is unclear whether Luke understands that 3PO is merely an ingeniously programmed machine, or if he thinks he has a mind and is a free thinking, self aware being. He could just be talking to 3PO as if he is an actual person because he is bored and likes to pretend. He does still play with toys…
Luke mentions to his Aunt and Uncle that he wants to join the academy. He is actually referring to the Empire. In a deleted scene, Luke’s friend, Biggs, tells Luke that he is going to go AWOL from the Empire, and join the rebels, essentially becoming an outlaw. Luke, being a mama’s boy, chooses not to break the law and does not join his friend. The Empire is the official military of the Universe. Luke doesn’t care that the Empire is evil, he just wants to do something exciting with his life. But he is not prepared to break the law. He is a good boy.
After finding Leia’s recorded message to Obi-Wan Kenobi, Luke looses his shit. Leia is hotter than any girl on the planet he’s living on. There is nothing exciting happening on Tatooine. All of the most beautiful women are where the action is… not Tatooine. After R2 takes off, looking for Obi-wan, Luke chases him down and meets Obi-wan “Ben” Kenobi.

Old Ben
Obi-wan Kenobi turns out to be a white guy. Is he is a reincarnated Japanese person, who decided to come back as a white person? Or did he not have a choice? Or did he change his name to Obi-wan Kenobi just to fuck with people? More on this later.
So, Obi-wan tells Luke about his father, Anakin, and about the Force. However, he lies to Luke about everything. Obi-wan is a classic psychic vampire. He pollutes Luke’s mind with lies from the get go. He tells Luke that his father was killed by Darth Vader, when in fact Luke’s father is Darth Vader. Is he trying to get Luke to kill his own father? What a twitsted mind this old man has! Then he tells Luke about the Force. He tells him that it’s an energy field that surrounds all living things and binds the Universe together. He makes it out to be some sort of nebulous energy field, but when he uses it to trick the Stormtrooper into letting them go when they are stopped in Mos Eisley, he isn’t just manipulating some energy field. He is communicating with the spirit world.

The Force
When people die, they are spliced into the Dream World. The Dream World is where all formerly alive things reside. All currently alive things have the ability to visit the Dream World when they are asleep, but what is not commonly advertised is that we are always connected to the Dream World. Asleep and awake. While awake, the Dream World becomes represented in a sort of computer desktop form. Like a map of all existing people and places in the Dream World, plus the means to communicate with the corresponding spirit forces represented and access the corresponding locations. This access map, called one’s “terminal,” also connects Control World dwellers to one another in ways. The basic technology of psychic vampirism. Current events have updated the technology of our terminals, reducing psychic vampires to bothersome system hackers who just haven’t figured out what’s really going on yet. Up to date, advanced beings who update their operating systems regularly, are making quick work of these psychic vampires and the system is progressing towards a Universal revolution. These current events are the subject of another book, however. At the time Star Wars was released, things worked a bit differently.

Jedi Mind Trick
Obi-wan’s Jedi mind trick on the Stormtrooper isn’t something just anyone can do. First of all, one must understand what’s going on in the Star Wars Universe as well as how the mechanics of the Force works. The basic logic is this: Every person has an allotment of spirit energy, usually their relatives, but also the fans that they have accumulated over the years, given the choices they’ve made and what kind of a person they are. Most people are unaware of this audience until they smoke enough weed to actually feel them, in one way or another. Some people have more fans than others. These people are either very talented, or very important. People are able to do different things depending on how many fans they have. Obi-wan is the last remaining Jedi. The Jedi were a collection of all of the most popular and learned decent people. They were all spirit world hubs. When they were all wiped out, save for one person, that one person became the wielder of the cumulative spirit powers of all of his fallen commrads. Obi-wan is the ultimate Jedi. Darth Vader is the Dark Side version of Obi-wan, using the cumulative powers of all of the evil people in the Dream World. Here is how Obi-Wan uses The Force to get the Stormtrooper to do his bidding: Obi-Wan communicates to his people, via his terminal, to access the Stormtrooper’s terminal and pose as God. As God, Obi-Wan and his buddies instruct the Stormtrooper to repeat Obi-Wan’s words verbatim, lest he anger his God. The Stormtrooper does as he’s told and has some pleasant dreams that night. Obi-Wan is able to do this, because he is doing the most important stuff in all existence. Darth Vader has built a machine that can destroy entire planets. Obi-Wan is the Universe’s best bet at stopping Vader, so he gets all of the spirit powers of all the people in the Universe who think Vader’s a dick and the Empire is bunko. Just about all of it. Pretty boy Luke is mucking up the works with his good looks and his compelling continuity as Vader’s son. Obi-Wan does not like having competition, but he does like how Luke looks and hatches a plan to take over Luke’s body, continuing his continuity as the last of the Jedi, but in a younger, more attractive form. At this point in time, there is no reincarnation. Everyone who dies, seems to be dead for good. But Obi-Wan thinks he’s figured it all out. More on this in a bit.
Vader’s Jedi mind trick is a bit more complex than Obi-Wan’s. When Vader uses The Force to choke Officer Chump during the meeting in the board room, he’s accessing Chump’s terminal, projecting an imaginary poorly chewed piece of steak into his throat, then bringing up the density of the meat to read as actual, rather than imaginary, effectively choking Officer Chump with his superior mind powers.

Han and Chewie
Han and Chewie are also very popular in the spirit world, but they do not have an active knowledge of The Force. Han calls it “luck,” but “luck” is just a different word for the actions of The Force. Han is good looking, he has a very cool space ship, he’s an outlaw, his life is exciting… plus, he’s friends with someone from another planet. These are all pluses with The Force. He quite possibly does believe in (or know) about The Force, but sees fit to conceal his knowledge of it in order to psych people out.

When Alderon blows up, Obi-Wan gets a big headache. This is caused by an abnormal amount of people splicing into the Dream World at once. The orientation centers or overfilled, human resources are taxed beyond their limits, and Obi-Wan has to deal with a bunch of clueless dead people who want answers. A big headache.

Luke’s Conscious Self
When Luke is practicing with his light saber, he has trouble blocking the laser blasts coming from the practice droid. Obi-Wan instructs Luke to wear a blast helmet, making him blind, then to “let go” of his conscious self and let The Force guide his movements. Essentially, Obi-Wan is telling Luke to let down his defenses and let a team or spirit world people possess his body and control his actions to an extent. Luke does as he is told and a spirit world team springs into action, accessing Obi-Wan’s visual observation of the practice droid, then using Obi-Wan’s knowledge of where the droid is going to shoot, as well as other sources of knowledge in the Dream World (technical data on the specific model of practice droid Luke is using, etc.), to inform Luke of where the blasts will be coming from, and “voila.”

Obi-Wan and Vader's Bullshit Contest
When Obi-Wan and Vader meet again after X amount of years, they begin talking shit to one another. Most of it is just trash talk, but then Obi-Wan says something interesting. He tells Vader that if he is killed, he will become more powerful than Vader can possibly imagine. Obi-Wan is basically saying that he knows what is going to happen to him when he dies. It is still an unsolved mystery, as there are no reincarnated beings in the Star Wars Galaxy… only a bunch of bullshit artists. When Luke discovers Obi-Wan and Vader dueling, Obi-Wan sees his opportunity to make the jump into Luke’s body. His plan is simple. He lets Vader kill him, then he becomes one with The Force. Knowing that Luke is watching him, he approximates what Luke is seeing and attempts to “bounce” Luke out of his body by rewriting the story to include himself watching his own death through Luke’s, that is, his new body’s eyes. Since Luke has already let go of his conscious self, Obi-Wan can swoop in, control Luke’s actions to an unreasonable degree, in effect “bouncing” Luke’s consciousness into the spirit world and possessing his physical form indefinitely. Then he would most likely run up to Vader in his new body, without skipping a beat, and brag that he has done the impossible, winning 50,000 points and being the all time high scoring human ever. Obi-Wan miscalculates, however, and instead of becoming God as he seemingly thought he would, he is instead cast as Luke’s spirit guide. Luke’s popularity was too great for Obi-Wan to supercede. Obi-Wan stays dead and Luke becomes the new only hope for existence to continue. Obi-Wan out, Luke in. When Vader hits Obi-Wan with his light saber, he disappears into thin air. This is a reference to a phenomenon some have taken to calling “The Trickster.” The phenomenon, which is most likely to occur while one is high on marijuana, consists of one person (the one who’s high) seeing another person (not necessarily high) disappearing and reappearing, like some cheap in-camera effect from Bewitched. This is a Dream World routing trick. A recreation of the environment around the victim is created in the Dream World, along with the victim, but not the person who is to be seen disappearing. All lighting and atmospheric conditions are recreated to an exact degree. Then the victim is routed to the Dream World recreation in short intervals, creating the effect of a disappearing person. The Trickster. It does not indicate anything ominous, other than the fact that your terminal is corrupt and people are fucking with you. The person disappearing and reappearing will always cease to do so, ultimately remaining a cohesive being. This phenomenon, or prank, messes with people’s heads quite a bit. This explanation should resolve any misunderstandings about the phenomenon/trick.
Right after Obi-Wan dies, Luke has an auditory hallucination, hearing Obi-Wan telling him to run. Unfortunately, for Luke, there are no anti-psychotic drugs in the Star Wars galaxy. He must brave the actuality of what existence throws at him, without some sugar pill that summons a team of spirit world adjusters to defend his terminal against spirit guides, pranksters, and attackers… ultimately rewiring his terminal to make him feel like The Force does not exist and that he should just accept the bullshit reality that the media at large projects.
The movie ends with Luke using The Force to bullseye the exhaust port of the Death Star, blowing it up, and saving the galaxy. Luke says he used to bullseye womp rats in his T-16, back on Tatooine, he might have been able to make the shot without using The Force. But The Force, or the spiritworld existing in the Dream World, had most likely conducted countless simulations, generating the data that would allow Luke to know exactly where to be, and when to pull the trigger in order to make the one in a million shot. It was reliable enough to make him block the shots of the practice droid, which he couldn’t do unaided, so Luke made the logical decision and used The Force to blow up the Death Star. Or did he? There could have been an internal dialog between Luke and members of the Force, argueing over the proper speed and altitude Luke should utilize in order to make the best shot. Then Luke just uses his honed skill as a pilot to make the shot, without The Force controlling his actions.

The Force
The Force is the underlying motivator of this whole story. The Master Continuity of existence has gotten so out of hand, that the spiritworld has to orchestrate an unrealistic chain of events in order to save the galaxy from Vader, who seems to be challenging the authority of The Force. The Force, no doubt, played it’s hand in arranging for 3PO and R2’s escape pod to eject at just the right time for them to land on the part of Tatooine where Luke resided. The Force also got the jawas to pick the droids up and sell them to Uncle Owen. They most likely sabotaged the motivator of the original R2 unit that Luke purchases, forcing him to buy R2-D2.
Most people think Luke is a rube at the beginning of Star Wars, however this is not the case. Luke is an ace pilot, and a technologically proficient gear head (He knew the originally purchased R2 unit had a bad motivator within seconds of examining the malfunctioning droid). He is also very good looking. What’s interesting is that he seems to be putting on a geeky dork act when we first see him. We whines and complains, all while using an annoying, nerdy, dork voice. Why the act? Luke already understands that he is hated for being so attractive and talented. He knows that people can be jealous and petty, and that if he doesn’t act like an annoying nerd/dork, some people would be threatened by his good looks and talent, and might try to do him in. The same tactic is utilized by the Jim Stark character in Rebel Without A Cause, a film that I will discuss later in the book. Luke, most likely, learned about his curse early on in life and began utilizing the annoying nerd/dork persona, so as not to draw any confrontations from his uncle or his peers. We see that once his aunt and uncle are killed, and his life as a farm boy on Tatooine is over, he instantly shakes his guise and dons the posture of a hero. He’s no bumbling idiot that cannot tie his own shoes. He saves the girl and the day, with ease. He has no trouble blending in with seasoned rebel pilots and quickly takes control of the situation without hesitating.

By the time we get to Empire, Luke has already figured a ton of shit out. He knows, not only that he is the main character in existence, but also that he exists in the bullshit imaginary universe of George Lucas’s mind. A dream world, essentially. This knowledge is what allows Luke to Force pull his lightsaber out of the frozen snow, while hanging upside down in the Wampa’s cave. This power was not demonstrated by anyone in the first film. Luke has figured out that his reality is bullshit and that he can “cheat the machine” a bit, in order to save himself.
After escaping the Wampa’s cave, Luke (after forgetting to take his anti-psychotic medication) has a hallucination and sees and hears Obi-Wan, communicating from beyond the grave, telling him to go to Dagobah to find and learn from Yoda. Of course, Obi-Wan isn’t actually in a grave because he simply disappeared into thin air. More proof for Luke that he is existing in a quasi fakey dream universe.
While training under Yoda, Luke attempts to lift his X-wing out of the swamp and fails. He is still trying to manipulate the nebulous energy field by concentrating and tensing his mind and muscles. He is aware of the fact that he’s in a dream world, and that spirits are an integral part of being able to do quasi impossible shit, but he is nowhere near as old and experienced as Yoda. Yoda is able to lift the X-wing out of the swamp because he knows more shit than Luke, has experienced more shit than Luke, and he’s cute and lovable, like a kitten or a puppy dog. He knows how to work the crowd better. Perhaps he is praying and kissing a bunch of spiritworld ass as well. Possibly, making deals with Force power loan sharks that he will repay at a later date, just so he can show off in front of Luke and look like some big shot. Luke’s power increases while training with Yoda, as he develops a muscular physique. The spiritworld girls go ga-ga over his new muscles, and Luke’s level goes up a bit.
At the end of Empire, Luke finds out that he’s Vader’s son and that Obi-Wan is a big fat liar. Yoda also lied to Luke by pretending to be someone else when Luke first found him. What a bunch of assholes.

Between Empire and Jedi, Luke masters the art of bullshit and psychological warfare, something he realized he had to do in order to keep up with the big boys. He also starts dressing like a bad ass. All in black… the official color of cool. When Jabba sees Luke, he realizes that Luke has just entered the arena and laughs at him for presenting himself as some seasoned major player in the game. Jabba doesn’t seem to understand that Luke is actually the main player in the game. Some would argue that Vader is actually the main player, but Luke takes the cake. Vader is actually a good guy though. More on this in a bit.
After Luke turns himself in, he gets on Vader about how he’s really a good guy. Vader insists that Luke is wrong, but Luke isn’t hearing it. When Luke faces off against Emperor Palpatine, it’s like the Super Bowl of bullshit/psych out contests. Palpatine taunts Luke like some school yard bully, beckoning him to take a swing at him. He psyching Luke out into thinking that he has some stupid Obi-Wan style scheme to take over his body, once Luke kills him, which Luke knows won’t work, so he takes a swing, only to have Vader block him at the last moment. Psych! Luke has the last laugh, however, when he asks Vader to save him, and Vader betrays his master, throwing him into the reactor core shaft. Why the sudden change of heart? The only explanation we get is that Vader tells Luke that he was right about him. If Luke was right, what motivated Vader’s indiscriminate obliteration of billions of people? My theory is that Vader figured everything out and was upset about the Fallacy of a Finite Existence (a common reason for people to snap… which is why I am doing away with the Fallacy). There is, of course, a lot more to it. The whole story has yet to be told. Wait a second… Vader doesn’t kill billions of people, General Tarkin does. Vader didn’t build the Death Star, the white dudes in the board room did. Vader must have been working under cover. Luke was right.

The End?
At the end of Jedi, Luke looks across the way and sees Obi-Wan, Yoda, and Anakin, all in ghost form, smiling on as if they’re perfectly happy being disembodied spirits. However, Luke is the only one who can see them. Hardly an existence at all. There does not seem to be an environment that the three spirits call home, and there is no implied system of reincarnation. It’s as if George Lucas was trying to tell us something.

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Just letting everyone know... the Master Continuity is out there. There is now a standardized system and a central hub from which all Dream World environments are accessible (for those that can access them). There are schools too. Here are some courses to seek out:
I.God... What you don't understand...
II.The Community
III. The Ring Prisoners
IV. Enemies of Existence
V. How Shit Works & How Shit Is... (Actually).
VI. Control World Dwellers
VII. Dream World Logistics
VIII. Creative Entropy, Cultural Entropy
IX. XWX Reality
1A. Fallacy of a Finite Existence (FOAFE) and the System of Interconnected Terminals (SIT)
1B. The Weed "Game"
2A. Vicious Cycles
2B. Runaway Trains
3A. Illusions of Control (Nebulous Protocols)
3B. The Master Continuity and The Official Scoreboard
X. Trash Continuity Builders
XI. Garbage Communities
XII. Garbage People, Fake Histories (generated and adopted by Garbage People), Template Characters, Legacy Characters...

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Friday, December 9th, 2011
5:30 pm - New episodes of Actuality Update are up, plus the first episode of a new show called The Curriculum

The Curriculum

The latest news...

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Wednesday, November 30th, 2011
4:02 am - Interesting.

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Monday, September 26th, 2011
4:37 pm
So, cultural entropy is here. Pirates, Transformers, Batman... over and over again. In a nutshell, I wrote a screenplay about a bag man for a weed broker that told it like it is. i.e. Weed being something that delivers an unreal euphoria and ecstacy... something that's covered up by the media at large. Then I started doing research for a short film that I was going to shoot in order to get funding for the bag man project and started going to the Black Cat (in DC) every weekend, stoned. Then a year later I solved the puzzle and everyone went all Vanilla Sky on me, the spirit world tried to do me in (again)... but I beat them all. This last bit is a bit difficult for people to believe. It will take numerous books and films for me to adequately explain how it is I beat "Weed Jesus" and the gang, but I did. I've written two screenplays over the last six years, but couldn't produce them because of spiritworld meddling (a location was sold, an actor moved to Nashville unexpectedly). So now I'm writing a novel and several other books. I work one day a week at Domino's and I go out every weekend to the Black Cat, Velvet Lounge, and DC9. I'm working on the books everyday, but I'm also running XWX Reality, the MMORPG that existence has become. I can totally bring you above all the trash, if you're up for it. Like, join my team... follow a curriculum of movies, books, and comics... take part in free discussions about the actuality of what is so with me... appear in my videos with me (optional)... Seems like a sketchy fantasy scenario, like imaginary tea time or some shit, but the alternative is Pirates 5 and Transformers 4 (and more audio hallucination simulation from artists I used to like *cough* PJ Harvey). Of course, you could just wait for my books to come out... but then Ian Svenonius would be hogging all the fun for himself. (He always just happens to be everywhere I go... such a camera whore.)

The "system" that people try to get everyone to accept is built on empty promises. It just feels like it's the way to go. Ultimately it just destroys your immortal mindset and gets you to bet it all on a runaway cart that seems to offer you an assured place in the pantheon of the gods.

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Thursday, September 22nd, 2011
5:01 am - My team versus the others...
My team, the The Users, is made up of mostly dead people. That is, people who exist in the interim world or "Dreamworld." So, while it may look like it's just me in my basement... it's really myself and the MAJORITY of souls in the spiritworld. Like, not just humans. All consciousnesses continue to evolve after initial expiration from the Control World. Cats, dogs, crickets, fish, birds, spiders... all these things eventually develop into "human" consciousnesses. So, while it may SEEM like the Jews, Christians, Buddhists, Muslims, Scientologists, etc, outnumber my "flock" here in the control world, my team's numbers are actually innumerable. My Master Ideology is the official ideology of the Force. All the non-human organisms that have lived and died since fucking forever are with me, give or take a few whack jobs. So, don't be fooled. The The Users are greater in number and ability than any organized religion, civilization, society, or club (Masons, etc.)

Everyone will come around. My books will be on store shelves in a year or so. Til then, here are some DVD and video game recommendations:

Star Wars (original trilogy, pre-special editions), Megazone 23 I and II, Dagger of Kamui, Akira, Strange Days, The Truman Show, eXistenZ, The Matrix Trilogy, American Beauty, Fight Club, Waking Life, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, Donnie Darko (not the Director's cut), Disinformation (season 1), A Scanner Darkly, Skyland (animated series, will need a region free dvd player), Zeta Gundam, Urusei Yatsura...

Also, check out the Phantasy Star series on the Sega Master System and Sega Genesis. I'll post an extensive list of all the movies I feel one needs to see in order to feel the Actuality more palpably in a bit.

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Wednesday, September 21st, 2011
7:10 pm - The Current state of the Master Continuity
So, I'm writing four books right now. The first is a 1000 page epic update for everyone, an abbreviated history of my life and existence. The others are my distractions from the 1000 pager. So, there's going to be a bit of a calm before the storm while I write these suckers. You see, there's nothing anybody can really do right now to speed things up. The books must be written and no one else can help me with them. Sure, a handful of celebrities could come out and help me out financially, but they have to worry about their own finances and asses, so... also, they most likely don't know who I am, that I exist, or that I'm legit. The book will solve all of this. The first book should be in stores in about a year, maybe sooner. I suggest everybody gets acquainted with the new system in the meantime.

a)people are still going to play dumb for the most part
b)movies are still going to suck, as they will just rehash old shit and fail to accurately represent the actuality
c)music is going to be somewhat interesting (I'm also recording an album, answering back to all the weirdos out there... St. Vincent, Goldfrapp, Crystal Castles, LCD Soundsystem, Julian Casablancas, etc.)
d)Marijuana will continue to not be legalized (for non-chronic illness sufferers)
e)The government shuffle will go nowhere some more
f)The spiritworld is still going to be retarded. Give up on all celebrities, historical figures, deity templates, familiars, angels, sprites, faeries, gnomes, relatives, all that shit. Your terminals allow you to route all trash spirits to the punishment planets for punishment and subsequent reprocessing. Once you get the hang of smashing everything around your head that's fucking with you, then routing them to the punishment planets, then accessing the infinite stuff of the dreamworld to counter any would be flip floppers or cloaked agents, you can maintain a steady state of efficiency. Smash, route, defuse (while smashing). It helps if you understand that you're playing XWX Reality, an MMORPG, and that everything but your terminal hardware (the hardware that allows you to access the resource/database of the master continuity) is trash. Currently, all operators are compromised, so you'll all have to act as your own operators.
g)never try to communicate with me, or anyone, with your terminals. That's not what they're for. You are maintaining your mind environment and trying to spy or communicate will only get you punished or corrupted. Certainly don't try to tune in to what I'm doing.
h)The dreamworld is evolving. It doesn't need my books to come out in order to become the MMORPG game world that I've designed it to be. It can faithfully represent the Actuality while I toil away in my parents' basement, writing the books that will fully explain everything. Know that there's a hub world that interconnects all the dreamworld environments and that I run it. That should help you access the ACTUAL scoreboard world.
i)until my books and films come out (probably five to fifteen years worth of them) psychic vampire idiots will still think they can win. They believe their shit is ultimate and they will go down with the ship. They are fully convinced that the deity templates are real people and that allows them to be controlled like video game bad guys. Just jump over them for now.

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6:40 pm - Two new(ish) episodes of Actuality Update are up...

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Wednesday, July 20th, 2011
10:29 pm - Two new episodes of Actuality Update are up.

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Wednesday, June 22nd, 2011
8:04 pm - Greg VS The Psychic Vamps

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Tuesday, March 8th, 2011
6:01 am - Star Wars Wants It All

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Tuesday, February 15th, 2011
4:36 pm - Generation Wars
There are people out there that still haven't seen Star Wars. This should be required viewing for children, like Sesame Street.

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Thursday, October 7th, 2010
2:16 pm - Another new episode of Actuality Update is up...

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